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Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!

Many thanks for bearing with us during another difficult year. Things still look uncertain, but let's try and stay positive. Things looking brighter than 12 months ago.

The practice is closed on 27 and 28 December and 3 January. If urgent please call 111.

Make sure to get your booster.

Merry Christmas. Wesolych Swiat. Feliz Navidad. Joyeux Noel. Frohe Weihnachten. Nollaig Shona. Nadolig Llawen. Buon Natale.

Santa with GP

Memories of Lostock Hall

We are now displaying the occasional memory of the local area on the Waiting Room screens.
Sharing our stories brings us together and helps improve mental wellbeing.

Lostock Hall Engine Shed - 1960s
Kindly provided by Malcolm Tipper, Fleetwood Fireman in the 1960s.
The photograph shows driver Jack Tutton at Lostock Hall Engine Shed getting ready for a 'Banana Train' with Malcolm from Preston Docks to Crewe.

Covid Vaccinations For 16-17 Year Olds

These are now available locally for everyone in this age group, not just those in at risk categories. You cannot use the national booking system. Just attend the walk-in centre in Leyland - Jubilee House, Lancashire Enterprise Business Park, Centurion Way, Leyland PR26 6TR - Wednesday to Saturday 8am-1pm or 2pm-8pm. You should receive a letter or text that you can present as evidence of your eligibility.

Dr Craven Cycling For Maggie's Centres

Dr Craven and Receptionist Aga Kopyciok cycled 250 miles in June to raise funds for Maggie's Centres, that provide free advice, support and advice for people with cancer. Thank you everyone that sponsored them and for your messages of support.
Dr Craven cycle challenge

Additional Roles and New Clinics

Thanks to the NHS Additional Roles Scheme and in collaboration with the Ribble Medical Group, the practice has during the last year been able to add to our staff team practitioners that can help patients and free up the time of our doctors and nurses.

Emma Greenhalgh provides an invaluable service as a Social Prescriber linking patients up with local services and that can help them and combat isolation and loneliness.

Hafeeza Qadir as a Clinical Pharmacist now carries out many medication reviews and resolves prescription queries.

The practice hosts a regular First Contact Musculo-Skeletal clinic to assist and refer patients with joint and muscle pains.

More roles will become available soon.

In addition, the growing suite of clinical rooms at the practice enable us to host a varied range of clinics for our patients and other local people: Ear, Nose and Throat clinic; Abdominal Aortic Aneurism screening; Diabetic Eye Screening. More clinics will be added soon.

Lancashire Photography Festival - April-May 2021

Dr Craven Covid Vaccinations

Dr Craven's submission of six photographs on display in the Flag Market in the centre of Preston.

They depict the team's work vaccinating patients and staff at Willowbrooke and Coote Lane care homes, including Eunice Byers aged 104.

Patient Art Gallery

We are inviting patients to provide us with framed paintings they have produced for a growing little Art Gallery in our Waiting Room.

Bullfinches by Peter Grant

These bullfinches were painted by Peter Grant to keep himself busy during lockdown. If you would like to get painting and have something to offer, please send and image to 

Covid vaccinations
Covid Vaccinations - Important Information for Patients

With our partner practices we started to vaccinate patients for Covid-19 from 21 December 2020. We are now coming close to the end of our Covid vaccination programme, as soon as our patients aged 50 and over or with underlying health conditions have received their 2nd dose. Healthy patients under 50 are directed to the national vaccine stations now operating locally. Vaccinations mainly occur at Penwortham Cricket Club (see below). 

If we provided your 1st dose but you have not yet had your 2nd, you should respond to our invite texts or call the practice. If you had your 1st dose at another centre you should arrange to have your 2nd dose there as well.

You will need two doses of the vaccine. Originally these were set to be 21 days apart, but updated guidance says the second dose can be given anytime between 3-12 weeks after the first dose.

Information on the priority order for vaccinating other age groups and patients with underlying health conditions can be found in the leaflet Why do I have to wait leaflet

Advice on which patients should not be vaccinated and further information about the vaccine can be found in the leaflet Covid-19 vaccination. A guide for adults

Patients will also be given further leaflets and advice when they attend for their vaccination.

We are currently being issued with two types of vaccine - the Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine and the Astra-Zeneca (Oxford) Vaccine.

Your practice is working in collaboration with the six other local practices that comprise the Ribble Medical Group (RMG)* to vaccinate from a designated site which will be Penwortham Cricket Club.   This site is located centrally for all our patients and enables social distancing to be maintained.  The vaccinations will be delivered by staff from the seven practices and volunteers brought together by RMG. We are grateful to Penwortham Cricket Club for their support. Directions to Penwortham Cricket Club 

Once booked for an appointment it is really important that you attend on time. Please wear warm clothing, but that enables you to present your arm easily. You will need to wear a mask. You will need to be observed for 15 minutes after having the vaccine. Do not attend if you feel unwell especially if you have Covid symptoms. If you are still due to have an influenza vaccination it is important that you have it, but not within seven days of a Covid vaccination.

Practice staff are working with each other and with patients in new ways, all to play their part in the largest and most complex vaccination programme ever undertaken by the NHS. We should all feel proud of the part we have played.

Extra Cover

Do please have a look at the film we commissioned documenting Covid vaccinations in an historical context as part of the DoctorDoctor project Extra Cover - Covid Vaccinations at Penwortham Cricket Club

*RMG practices
Beeches Medical Centre, Fishergate Hill Surgery, Kingsfold Medical Centre, Longton Health Centre, Lostock Hall Medical Centre, New Longton Surgery, St Fillans Medical Practice

CQC Inspection

In December 2019 we had a disappointing CQC Inspection resulting in a Needs Improvement grading because of some important gaps in our record keeping, despite some aspects of our work be assessed as being outstanding. We have since worked hard to make improvements and we submitted evidence to the CQC in September, confident that we could see our grade improved to Good. Unfortunately this can only occur through a new inspection and because of the pandemic, inspections will not occur (except for practices in crisis) for some months. Instead the Inspector has sent us a very positive annual assessment that recognises our efforts and also the good level of service we are providing during difficult times. The Inspector states: "You have continued to meet patients' needs throughout the pandemic. You have engaged well with local care homes working to support them in difficult times and forming close relationships. You have communicated well with vulnerable patients, establishing and maintaining contact with them. You have established a safe working environment for staff and supported their wellbeing. You have worked hard to ensure you continue to provide an accessible and flexible service, keeping usual services open whenever possible." The full report is attached. The Inspector encouraged us to publish it here. We are proud of our team.

CQC Annual Assessment


The practice has now linked up with this system to enable patients to book appointments and repeat prescriptions on-line and send patients reminders of their appointments and other key updates. Do please install the app on your phone. 

Coronavirus - Face Coverings and Site Access

In line with requirements for public transport and hospital visits, we are now advising patients attending the surgery to wear their own face coverings or masks to reduce risk of infection of patients and staff. Practice staff will also wear masks in any public areas and clinicians continue to wear masks in all consultations. We are continuing to review how patients access the site. Some clinics (diabetic eye-screening and blood sampling) are being directed to enter and exit round the back of the building to reduce flow through the Waiting Room. Waiting Room chairs are set out more than 1 metre apart. Telephone consultations are still the norm. We may be able to open our front door in due course. Thank you for your continued co-operation. Saturday morning clinics will be pre-booked telephone consultations with the GP, the building will be closed.


Social Prescribing

The practice hosts a Social Prescribing Link service on behalf of the 7 local GP surgeries that comprise the Ribble Medical Group. Emma Greenhalgh works alongside GPs and Nurses to identify patients who would benefit from additional help to put them in contact with local agencies that can provide support, information and opportunities to improve their lifestyle and general wellbeing. During Coronavirus Emma has been phoning 100s of patients that are self-isolating or vulnerable to offer advice and support or just a friendly voice.  


We continue trying to minimise the number of patients that come to the practice to reduce the chances of infecting each other and staff. Many consultations will be by telephone (at times with video) or on the day and patients will be asked to confirm they have no symptoms before being given a face to face appointment. But throughout the pandemic we have been committed to providing face to face appointments where necessary. Please wear a face-mask when attending the practice. Essential reviews, injections, vaccinations and procedures continue as normal. On-line bookable appointments will be restricted to telephone appointments. We need all patients to be able to have their prescriptions sent direct to the pharmacy. Sick notes will be sent to you wherever possible by text or email. Our doors are open but please observe social distancing. We are taking extra steps to regularly clean communal areas. Please use the hand sanitisers provided and wash your hands. We are looking at ways of staying in touch with the most vulnerable of our patients with the help of local organisations. Wishing you all the best during a difficult time.
Dr Ewa Craven.

NHS coronavirus guidance

Menopause Lounge - Drop In For Chat with Dr Paula Briggs
10am Saturday 16th November 2020

An audience of more than 80 patients and local people came along for a very lively session with our own Dr Ewa Craven, nationally acclaimed expert, Dr Paula Briggs, mindfulness practitioner Linda Duckworth, pelvic floor physio Clare Bolton, psychologist Jane Nowlan and Karen Peddie holistic practitioner. "Extremely informative and reassuring" one participant said. From evaluation forms completed 96% of people attending thought the event was Excellent or Good, 76% said Excellent. We hope this will be the start of developing our practice as a centre specialising in women's health and well-being with the help of our patients and colleagues.


Menopause Lounge - 16 NovemberMenopause Lounge - The Speakers

Doctor, Doctor Website


Find out more about our community project to celebrate community memories of healthcare in Lostock Hall through our new website Please note this website may not be fully functional using older web browsers.

And please check out this virtual tour of the exhibition in the waiting room Doctor, Doctor Exhibition Tour

Tuesday Evening Nurse / HCA Clinics

Under the NHS England Extended Access scheme the practice will be starting 6.30-8.30pm evening clinics every Tuesday evening from 2 July 2019 led by a Health Care Assistant or Practice Nurse. If you are booking for a health review, if you would prefer to attend in the evening, do ask about Tuesday evening appointments. 


The practice is proud to be a Parkrun practice encouraging staff and patients to take part in a gentle 5k run 9am every Saturday in either Avenham Park or Cuenden Valley Park.

You can register for free at on the Register page. Course details for Avenham Park and Cuerden Valley Park can be found on the Events page.
Let's get fit together!

Dr Craven and team

Getting On-Line

NHS Digital ran a workshop for patients today (31 May 2019) to show how to register for an on-line password and then how to book repeat prescriptions and appointments on the Patient Access website. A couple of points that came up:

  • To have access to your patient records on-line you need to request this from the practice in writing or come in and ask at Reception
  • We hope to move over soon to a new system called MyGP that is easier to use - watch this space
  • With MyGP a designated carer or parent can do the bookings on behalf of a patient

Ask at Reception if you want to register for on-line access. We hope to run more workshops in the future.

Memories of Lostock Hall Healthcare - Workshop - Friday 31st May 2019

There was a great turn out for our latest #DoctorDoctor workshop to share memories of Dardsley and healthcare in Lostock Hall and nearby. We filmed some interviews to include in an exhibition that will be at the practice and community venues in the autumn. Participants also brought in some amazing photographs from Dardlsey's history including of the Prescription Pricing team from the 1950s and the maids and chauffeur who worked for Dr Thomas Sharples in the 1900s. These will also feature in the exhibition.

DoctorDoctor workshop - 31 May 2019

Old Photos of Dardsley

Our DoctorDoctor project continues to collect photographs and stories relating to local healthcare in the past. We love this photograph kindly made available by Gillian Bennett of Dr Thomas Sharples and his son Dr Sydney Sharples in the garden at Dardsley. The ladies are perhaps their wives. Sydney's military uniform suggests it dates to the time he was serving in the First World War until his father persuaded the War Office to send him home to help with patients. The much quoted story that Sydney at one time had a Chaplin/Hitler moustache seems to be true!

Dr Thomas Nd Sydney Sharples - about 1914?

New Phone System

Hopefully we have now resolved some early glitches in the new phone system. When you call us now, you first receive a greeting message and a reminder that the more information you can give to our trained receptionists, the more they are able to direct you to the appropriate service. You are then given your position in the queue, updated each time a call is completed. At busiest times we have 3 staff answering the phones. When one of the reception phones is unattended it is logged out so no calls are directed to it. We think this is a big improvement on the old system in which callers had no idea how long their wait would be, and unattended phones could be heard ringing unanswered in the waiting room. But tell us what you think.

A reminder that our new number is 01772 529329, although the old number 01772 518080 will redirect you for a few weeks.

We have opened in our new home at Dardsley, Brownedge Road on 18th March!

Mr Clarence Drinkwater as the first patient through the doors received a box of chocolates from a pleased but tired Practice Manager.

Mr Clarence Drinkwater

Please note our new telephone number - 01772 529329. But the old number will redirect you automatically for a while.

Opening Date For Dardsley Announced

Dardsley opening

Dr Sydney Sharples

Our Doctor Doctor project that is looking into the history of Dardsley our future home has finally managed to track down a photograph of Dr Sydney Sharples, the last doctor to own the building. Gill, our able researcher, has found a brief article and small image from the local newspaper archive, that records Sydney's death in April 1948, only a few weeks before the launch of the NHS.

Dr Sharples - 17 April 1948

Building Work at Dardsley 2018

Slowly, but surely work progresses. We hope to announce a 2019 opening date for our new home very soon.

Dardsley - team discusses latest work

Desmond Diabetes - Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing or Newly Diagnosed

We really recommend any of our patients with diabetes to make use of this education programme. The programme is delivered by trained educators to increase your knowledge and understanding of what diabetes means, so you can manage your care effectively and make informed choices about your life-style. It is also an opportunity to meet and share experiences with others with the condition. Ask one of our GPs or nurses or to self-refer follow this link: Desmond Diabetes

Dardsley and the First World War

Our #DoctorDoctor project is revealing the fascinating history of the building during WW1 at a time we are all commemorating the Armistice centenary. In April 1916 old and sick Dr Thomas Sharples wrote to the War Office asking for his son Captain Sydney Sharples to be sent home to Dardsley to take over running the practice for the many patients it served in Lostock Hall, Penwortham and Walton-Le-Dale. In June the Army agreed to his request.

Dr Thomas Sharples letter - April 2016Response from British Army - June 2016

Dardsley Refurbishment

Work on this wonderful Victorian building to prepare it as our new home is progressing, but at times quite slowly. Some damp here, a leaky roof there. But we will get there!

Cherry Picker inspecting the roofSome damp and loose brickwork

Doctor, Doctor Memory Sessions

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the NHS and the move of Lostock Hall Medical Centre to a new improved site at Dardsley on Brownedge Road, in partnership with Lancashire Museums we are gathering stories of local people about changes in healthcare in the area. To preserve these memories, the results will be presented in a display at Dardsley and at other community venues. We will also create memory boxes of photographs and objects that bring to life the changing experience of going to the doctor and celebrate Lostock Hall life. These boxes will later be used in care homes and community settings in the local area to help start further lively conversations.

We had a very aimated first workshop at the Age Concern Friendship Centre, Lourdes Avenue, Lostock Hall on Wednesday 3rd October. Participants shared their stories including: seeing Dr Sharples at Dardsley in the 1940s, working at the Prescription Pricing Authority at Dardsley in the 1970s and 80s, doctors helping the wounded after the 1940 bombing of Lostock Hall, doctors attending the birth of babies at home and Dr Cohen's upstairs waiting room - patients had to agree who went in next! More workshops dates will be announced soon. We hope to record some of the stories on film.

The next workshop is at Lostock Hall Library on Friday 16th November at 12 noon

The project is still recruiting volunteers to help record stories and lead future community workshops. Contact the practice if this would interest you.

Or if you have some photographs of doctors, nurses or patients in the local area from past times, we would love a copy.

Keith Coles recently provided this great image of the much respected Doctor Cohen outside his Coote Lane surgery.

Dr Cohen in Coote Lane, 1965

Dardsley Relocation

We are relocating to a new home, Dardsley in Brownedge Road. Building work has now (1 October) started being led by R. Walker & Sons and Francis Roberts Architects. We expect to open Winter 2018/19.
At our preview event on Saturday 21 July the 320 people who attended were very positive about our plans for the new centre - 93% expressing a view said that they are excellent or good. (7% said they were ok23).The architect visualisations of the Entrance and the Waiting Room below give you a quick idea of what is to come!

Dardsley new Entrance visualisationDardsley Waiting Room visualisation

DOCTOR DOCTOR - Project Launch - Saturday 21 July 2018 - Dardsley, Brownedge Road

Thank you to everyone who attended - patients, health & well-being professionals, Lostock Hall Memorial Brass Band, Abhi Dance Academy, Soul Shaking Dance & Movement, Lancashire Museums, local people with an interest in the history of Dardsley and health care in Lostock Hall, Patient Forum members, volunteers and staff. 320 people in all! Many thanks also to the Heritage Lottery Fund that made it possible. Look out for updates on #DoctorDoctor, a report on the event and further news about our plans to relocate to Dardsley. 
DoctorDoctor launch - health standsDoctorDoctor launch - Abhi Dance Academy

DOCTOR DOCTOR : Memories of health care in Lostock Hall - Starting June 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a prestigious Heritage Lottery Fund grant for a project to collect and share memories of health care from the last 70 years or more. Our contribution to NHS70, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the NHS this year. We will also research the fascinating history of Dardsley, our future new home, a doctor's house from the 1890s and the base for the Prescription Pricing Authority for 50 years until 2008.

Dr Sharples' dog tag Dr Colin-Thome retirement 1977

Do tell us of any stories you have about going to the doctor in Lostock Hall or visiting or working at Dardsley. Do you have any photographs, documents or objects you could show us? Come and speak to us at our stand at the Lostock Hall Carnival on Saturday 7th July. Or attend our forthcoming launch event on Saturday 21 July.

Practice Purchases Dardsley Site 2017

On 29 September 2017 the practice purchased the site on Brownedge Road. It will be developed as the new site for Lostock Hall Medical Centre to open Autumn 2018.

Dardsley - through the garden

Dardsley was previously a doctor's house up to about 1950. As a child did you ever go there as a patient? We would love to hear your memories so we can share them with other patients. Does anyone know of any photographs of the building from that time or of Dr Sharples and Dr Cohen who worked there? Write to us or leave your details at reception so we can get in touch. 

Patient Consultation - Possible Relocation of the Practice

Thank you to all patients who took part in the consultation over the proposed relocation of the practice to Dardsley House, Brownedge Road. We were pleased that 98% of patients who expressed an opinion were in favour of the move. This evidence helped us secure NHS / Greater Preston CCG approval for the move at the Delegated Commissioning Committee meeting on 2 August 2017.

Saturday Morning Clinics

Saturday morning clinics continue in 2019 - 2 per month. See dates on our website or ask reception staff during the week for confirmation of whether the surgery is open the following Saturday.

Booking appointments and repeat prescriptions online

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult calling in to book appointments and order prescriptions over the phone, but did you know that you can do this online? We offer this service to all our patients and if you are interested please come in to the practise and ask for login details at the reception. 

Have your say - join our Patient Group

If you are interested in taking part in our Patient group, or a larger virtual Patient group please enquire at the reception in our practice.

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